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Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis by Jason Dickson


Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis by Jason Dickson


May 2010 | Fiction
17×10 inches | 80 pages
ISBN 9781897388532

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In a time before time began, one woman will dare the boundaries between madness and sanity to find the lost love that so ever has eluded her. Terror. Duplication. History seen as it has never before. Bookthug presents Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis, a high octane thrill ride of confession and crime, told as only wunderkind Jason Dickson could tell it through a local history interview. Cry. Laugh. And prepare to meet your match in this year’s literary sensation Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis—if you dare.

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Jason Dickson is the author of Clearance (2002), The Hunt (2006) and is the proprietor of the Muskoka Bookhouse, an antiques and collectible bookshop in Bracebridge, Ontario.

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