105 posbL resons 4t ;; of thot by Donato Mancini


105 posbL resons 4t ;; of thot by Donato Mancini


Alan Turing stood at the top of a cliff above the ocean. He doused himself in kerosene and tied a noose around his neck, tying the other end to a large rock. He then ate an apple injected with poison, set fire to his clothes, jumped from the cliff and fired a pistol at his own head. The bullet missed his head but cut through the rope. He plunged into the freezing water, extinguishing the flames, while the impact made him retch the poison fruit. A passing fisherman dragged him into his boat, and he was brought to a hospital where he died of hypothermia.

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Perhaps this tale sends deep waves of understanding coursing through your frame. Perhaps you are indifferent. Either way you need to commit yourself to this series of visual poems by one of Canada’s great practitioners of the form. They may take you closer or further away from the feeling you dream of.

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