PENTACLES by David Peter Clark


PENTACLES by David Peter Clark


With a glimpse of the coin's initial shimmer, readers land within a mysterious portal formed in supporting beams of language welded pentagonally. These poems mark what manifested in the early explorations of the author, and can be taken as a musically inclined scouting report to help guide any who might risk a gander. A warning: after entering the tunnel and landing in Lehua, Hawaii, August 18, 2012, the author has not returned (although further poems beyond this volume continue to turn up). Spelunking here may punk one's dearest speculations.

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David Peter Clark names a body born in Peterborough, Ontario. Circling an area from there to Hamilton has harvested attentions that drew out feathereDinosaurs (shuffaloff / Eternal Network, 2012), texts in BafterC, House Organ, RAMPIKE, White Wall Review, Touch the Donkey, Yellow Field and the editing of COUGH II.

ISBN 9781771661065
Stapled Chapbook
36 pages; One of 100 copies

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