BookThug 2017 Annual Poetry Subscription Package


BookThug 2017 Annual Poetry Subscription Package


You love Poetry. We love Poetry. Maybe you’d love to get two packages of containing all of the poetry titles that BookThug will publish in 2017, because you love the poetry we publish. We can make that happen. Our 2017 Annual Poetry Package gets you all the fantastic poetry we are publishing this year for one great price. Here’s what you will get this year if you decide to take advantage of this amazing offer:

SPRING 2017:

Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes by Jennifer LoveGrove
False Friends by Stephen Cain
Charm by Christine McNair
Comma by Jennifer Still
Rag Cosmology by Erin Robinsong
To Love The Coming End by Leanne Dunic
Kith by Divya Victor (published in collaboration with Fence Books)

FALL 2017:

Precious Energy by Shannon Bramer
The Truth is Told Better This Way by Liz Worth
If Pressed by Andrew McEwan
Irresponsible Mediums: The Chesspoems of Marcel Duchamp by Aaron Tucker
Better Nature by Fenn Stewart

Also comes with many hugs.

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