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BookThug 2017 Annual Subscription Package


BookThug 2017 Annual Subscription Package


Dear Valued Reader,

For thirteen years now, the hard working people at BookThug have been providing lovely people like you something a little different for your reading pleasures. And every year we have offered what we do in one great annual subscription package, designed to keep your readerly juices flowing. For 2017 we are offering all our planned books at one fantastic price that you won’t find anywhere else. You will get all the books listed below mailed straight to you from BookThug Headquarters in two hand-packed parcels that are sent out twice during the year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

The BookThug 2017 Annual Subscription Package is a harmonious arrangement: BookThug gets to keep on churning the literary waters, and our authors find themselves amongst a discerning and intelligent readership. It’s perfect.

Here is what we have lined up for you this year:

SPRING 2017:

Deep Salt Water, a memoir by Marianne Apostolides
Readopolis, a novel by Bertrand Laverdure, translated by Oana Avasilichioaei
Bridge Retakes,a  novel by Angela Lopes
Blank: Interviews and Essays by M. NourbeSe Philip (Essais series No. 3)
Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes, poetry by Jennifer LoveGrove
False Friends, poetry by Stephen Cain
Charm, poetry by Christine McNair
Comma, poetry by Jennifer Still
Rag Cosmology, poetry by Erin Robinsong
To Love The Coming End, prose poetry by Leanne Dunic
Kith, poetry by Divya Victor (published in collaboration with Fence Books)

FALL 2017:

Blood Fable, a novel by Oisín Curran
The Greats, a novel by Sylvain Prudhomme, translated by Jessica Moore
The Third Person, stories by Emily Anglin
Sports and Pastimes, a novel by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, translated by Aimee Wall
Conversations With Canadians by Lee Maracle (Essais Series No. 4)
The Videofag Book, Edited by William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill
Precious Energy, poetry by Shannon Bramer
The Truth is Told Better This Way, poetry by Liz Worth
If Pressed, poetry by Andrew McEwan
Irresponsible Mediums: The Chesspoems of Marcel Duchamp by Aaron Tucker
Better Nature, poetry by Fenn Stewart

Also comes with many hugs.

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