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Bahar Orang Reads from Where Things Touch

A photo of Bahar Orang and her book, Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty

Our author reading series continues with Bahar Orang, who reads from her debut collection, Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty, in the following video. Part lyric essay, part prose poetry, Where Things Touch grapples with the manifold meanings and possibilities of beauty, which is ultimately imagined as something inextricably tied to care: the care of lovers, of patients, of art and literature, and the various non-human worlds that surround us. Award-winning author Shazia Hafiz Ramji calls the book “an erotic conversation with the manifold relations of beauty… Orang’s lyric voice roams through poetry, Persian myth, and hospitals to enchant the everyday, returning us to an intimacy beyond the page—back to the body.”

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Bahar Orang is a writer and physician-in-training living in Toronto. She has a BASc from McMaster University and an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. She completed her MD at McMaster University, and is now completing specialty training in psychiatry in Toronto. Her poetry and essays have been published in such places as GUTS, Hamilton Arts & Letters, CMAJ, and Ars Medica. Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty is her first book.

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