March End Prill by Bryan Sentes


March End Prill by Bryan Sentes


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† prill, n.1 A spinning top. prill, n.2 A small stream of running water; a rill. † prill, n.3 A girl, a lass. prill, n.4 In mining: (a piece of) rich copper ore remaining after separation and removal of low-grade material; more fully prill ore. Also: (a droplet of) copper occurring suspended in the molten slag in the process of smelting copper ore. prill, v.1 intr. To flow, spurt. prill, v.2 App. a transmission error for Þrill thrill or prik, prike prick. prill, v.3 †1. trans. Metall. To add high-grade ore to (an ore sample) during assaying, so as to give the impression that the ore being assayed is of a higher quality. Obs. rare. 2. trans. To produce pellets of (a substance, esp. ammonium nitrate or other fertilizer) by forming the molten substance into droplets and allowing them to solidify while falling. Thus, March End Prill is a songline periplum that charts a way through our S.A.D. Zeitgeist to a thawing of the sources of speech and song.

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Bryan Sentes is a proper name: the patronymic a
solecism for Hungarian Szentes, from Latin sanctus,
sacred or holy; the given name from Welsh Brân, raven
or crow. Googled, “bryan sentes” can return 10,000+
hits, some of which refer to the author of Grand Gnostic
Central and Ladonian Magnitudes.

112 pages | 6×8 inches | paperback
Condition: New
ISBN 9781897388938

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