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Feb 26th, 2014
Polyamorous Love Song by Jacob Wren
COMING APRIL 2014 - From interdisciplinary writer and performer Jacob Wren comes Polyamorous Love Song, a novel of intertwined narratives concerning the relationship between artists and the world. Shot through with unexpected moments of sex and violence, readers will become acquainted with a world that is at once the same and opposite from the one in which they live. With a diverse palette of vivid characters - from people who wear furry mascot costumes at all times, to a group of 'New Filmmakers' that devises increasingly unexpected sexual scenarios with complete strangers, to a secret society that concocts a virus that only infects those on the political right - Wren's avant-garde Polyamorous Love Song (finalist for the 2014 Fence Modern Prize in Prose) will appeal to readers with an interest in the visual arts, theatre, and performance of all types.

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Praise for Jacob Wren
"Polyamorous Love Song sets up every human being as an artist - oversexed, furry and holding a gun - to play through wicked palindromes of sex performance and political protest. This book notably asks: Are we all pretending? Wren mines the ethical implications of both hidden literature and mass entertainment. Reading it, I wondered why I wasn't more afraid."
     - Tamara Faith Berger

"Everything Jacob Wren touches interests me, excites me - he's both sophisticated and innocent in attitude - he's a kind of wise old man and open-hearted lover. With his vivacious ideas, word play, and the serious and inane served up on a plate - Wren lifts my spirits, intellectual and other, because to know he's writing so beautifully in this mad, sad world is a wonderful thing."
     - Lynne Tilman


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